9th - 12th January 2020

Sri Lanka, Kahandamodara Beach 

Join a 4 day retreat on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The focus of this retreat will be Yin Yoga, a blissful yoga practice. If you feel that you need to get back your energy, this retreat is ideal for you - allow yourself to restore and to connect in a deeper way with yourself.
The venue is a beautiful Eco lodge with sustainable living, on a stunning natural surrounding - home grown vegetables, peacocks and fireflies. Perfect for some slow down time and mindful practices. 

Sri Lanka is a green paradise with lush vegetation and beautiful beaches, this Yoga retreat will be hosted in a beautiful and peaceful location -  an Eco Lodge with sustainable living! 

The simple but beautiful construction of the lodges uses local and environment friendly materials, self sufficient electricity with solar panel energy and home grown vegetables. 



This property has 5 hectares, so plenty of space for you wander around and breathe the peace and purity of this land. 

Take a walk through the property, refresh and relax at the pool, head to the lagoon to kayak or SUP board or have an ayurvedic massage or treatment at the resort wellness center.

Our “neighbors” are abundant: shy monkeys, peacocks and other beautiful birds that nest next to your lodge, fireflies, butterflies and squirrels.

Located 10 minutes walking to a quiet and deserted beach. If you are not found of massive tourism you will love this! 

The property in the Sri Lankan south coast is conveniently located between stunning beaches very popular for surf and Yala National Park where you can see wildlife animals, so it is possible to combine with extra tours.

4 days of blissful Yoga practices...

Start the day with a short meditation followed by a gentle flow to wake up the body... then unwind into Yin postures to open up and set the tone and energy of the day - Yang / Yin class.

At the end of the day, restorative and nourishing Yin Yoga.

A Yin Yoga workshop on the first day to become familiar with the fundamentals of this practice - the meridians, the 4 elements of traditional Chinese medicine, its organs and emotions.

Also an overview of anatomy for Yin Yoga, muscle groups, connective tissue and the benefits of this deep practice.

Yin Yoga targets the deeper layers of our body. Besides the great stretch of the muscles and stimulation of  connective tissue there is an important energetic aspect of the practice. It is based on the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, working with the meridians.
The meridians are energetic channels, an energy network of the body. They are connected with different organs and associated with emotions.
When this energies are unbalanced we can suffer from physical ailments or emotional instability.
Yin Yoga operates on the meridians, stimulating them and boosting the movement of energy trough this channels, therefore trough the body and its organs.  
This energetic renovation is very healing for the physical body and for the mind.
In a Yin practice we give ourselves that time and space to open, we give the body an opportunity to heal itself, as we allow the release of stored tensions. We cultivate acceptance and self love trough a meditative practice.

DAY 1 

13.00 - 17.00h - Arrivals

17.30 - 19.00h - Welcome & Yoga Practice

19.00h - Dinner



7.30 - 9.00h - Yang & Yin Yoga practice

9.00 - 10.00h - Breakfast

10.30 - 12.30h - Yin Yoga workshop

13.00 - Lunch time

Free Time

17.30 - 19.00h - Yin Yoga

19.00 - 20.30h - Dinner time


7.30 - 9.00h - Yang & Yin Yoga practice

9.00 - 10.00h - Breakfast

Free time or Tour (optional)

13.30 - Lunch time

Free Time

17.30 - 19.00h - Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

19.00 - 20.30h - Dinner time



7.30 - 9.00h - Yin Yoga practice

9.30 - 10.30h - Breakfast

Free time

13.30 - Lunch time



6 Yoga classes  (1:30h class)

Yin Yoga workshop  (2 h)

Ayurvedic massage  (1h, full body)

3 nights accommodation in a beautiful sustainable Eco lodge

Delicious and healthy meals (full board)

All day drinking water and Yogi tea

Free usage of bikes, kayak and SUP boards

10 min walking to the beach

Beautiful garden and swimming pool 



Flight tickets

Airport transfer (can be booked separately)

Travel insurance

Ayurveda treatments and Doctor consultation

*It's possible to book extra activities, massages or treatments at the Ayurvedic Wellness center

* Delicious vegetarian and vegan food are served every meal, should you have any special dietary requirements, reach out to me in advance

INVESTMENT (prices per person)

Shared Triple Room                                 USD 275

Private Single Room                                USD 395

Private Double Room                               USD 315

Private Triple Room                                 USD 275 


*Reserve your spot with deposit of 50%, in case you need to cancel, the deposit is refundable until 10/12/2020

*prices for double, triple apply when the whole room is booked (Ex: group of 3 people for a triple room, price above is per person)


Reach out to me via the website or send an email to : cata.allinyoga@gmail.com

I will reply confirming availability and sending you the details for the payment via bank transfer or PayPal. 

After the 50% deposit payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email, extra information, directions etc.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any question! Send me a message or email, Ill reply to you as soon as possible.

Gift yourself some LOVE with this retreat!

Join me in this Sri Lanka paradise and explore this magical practice!

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