YIN YOGA online classes weekly on Mondays.

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Being BALANCED AND HEALTHY is the best investment you can make on yourself, now and always. This balance work is not only about the body but also about the mind and the spirit - the ones that drive you trough life. 

To make yoga available for everyone, I am teaching online classes so that you can get to your practice from the comfort of your home. Choose the option that feels most appropriate for you and join me on the mat. 

PRIVATE CLASSES​ : Creating a practice that will serve your needs. Using the methods and styles I have studied and practiced - Hatha, Iyengar, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation methods. Please send me a message with your email address or whatsapp to find the best time.




Physical practice

Physical practice / ASANA

 I will provide you support with a practice based on movement or stillness, working with the physical body. I can help you with:

Relief and therapy of physical ailments like back aches and conditions, join stiffness and lack of mobility. Using the different yoga methods and  I will tailor a specific practice for your body and your needs.

Besides this therapeutic approach I can also guide you in getting stronger, more flexible and deepen your yoga asana practice.

for PRIVATE CLASS please send me a message / email address or whatsapp -  Ill get back to you.

Mind & Emotional Support

Mindful and meditative

yoga practices 

Taking care of your mind is as important (or more!) as taking care of the body. Our emotions have a huge impact on how we feel and how we face life and the world around us. I can provide help sharing a personal practice to help you to achieve a balanced emotional state and a

calm mindset. I can help you with:


Relief of anxiety, restlessness, stress, states of emotional burnout, impatience and anger, sleeping disorders. This is a work you need to do yourself, I will facilitate the tools and guide and support you in the process.

for PRIVATE CLASS please send me a message / email address or whatsapp -  Ill get back to you.

Vinyasa or Yin Yoga 


Group classes in the comfort of your home


I will guide the group trough a video conference class.

A sequence with a theme and options for different levels - read the description and choose the best practice for you.

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