Catarina is a travelling Yoga Teacher and it's been more than a decade since Yoga came into her life.

She started her practice in Portugal, where she is natural from, and since then she knew that a

very special journey had started. Yoga became the way to come home on a nomadic lifestyle.

As a teacher, she uses that inspiration in her classes, sharing the knowledge from 

training and practices she attended on Asia and Europe, delivering practices with a technical

approach as well as being in tune with spiritual and emotional dimensions.

Everyday inspired by this complete and vast practice, Cata is devoted to foster the balance of 

Yang and Yin energies in her life and in her classes. Yoga works diligently - on movement but also on stillness -

a practice devoted to bring that balance and awareness to all the layers of the self -  

body, mind, soul and breath as a whole.

Down to earth and deep within, sharing yoga is one of the things Cata is mostly grateful about.



Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Yoga classes are made of a creative asana (postures) sequence. It is a dynamic practice, connecting the breath with movement, it strengthens the body and mind. Cata's classes are a combination of active postures, designed to make you flow mindfully, as if in a dance. From Sun salutation, warrior sequences, back bends, balancing and inversion postures, the practice will make you stronger, agile and balanced. You will sense the energy rising up and your mind focused your soul connected.

Another part of the practice is a  combination of relaxing postures, stretching and unwinding down.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice of gentle long holding postures that are meant to target the deeper layers of the body.

Yin Yoga aims to lengthen the connective tissue and to stimulate the meridians - the energetic pathways of the physical body - it stimulates Qi or Prana to flow, bringing regeneration of the tissues, restoring the energy and bringing stillness

to the mind. 

It is a meditative practice that cultivates awareness. The practitioner will be guided to relax on muscular level and to take the time for the body to heal itself. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided practice of deep relaxation where the practitioner will be comfortable laying on Savasava.

Yoga Nidra is literally translated as Yogic sleep, as the deep relaxation of a sleeping state will be felt on physical level. However the practitioner will not be sleeping but on journey of pure awareness, with the benefit of becoming closer to the subconscious mind. It is a very beneficial practice to let go of stress and anxious states of mind, stimulating the release of the 'good' hormones into our body.



Catarina Marques Silva

Travelling Yogi 

Phone / Whatsapp  : +351 967 909 174


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