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I invite you to enjoy a Yoga Nidra practice at the comfort of your home or most favorite place. This audio recordings are free and to allow everyone to have a guided Yoga Nidra practice.  Find below the most soothing Nidra for you today, get comfy and

allow yourself to receive.

Starry Sky

Washing wave Nidra

Relaxing and slow down practice, using the image of a washing wave - cleanse and release any tension leaving a sense of calm.

Starry Sky

New Moon


A Yoga Nidra practice on a Leo New moon evening class, visualizing and breathing with cycles of light and inviting new beginnings. 

Starry Sky

4 Elements Nidra

Guided relaxation and visualization of the 4 elements in nature. Connect with their energy, feel nourished and rested.

Starry Sky

Space to the Heart Nidra

Starry Sky

Breath the breeze Nidra

A Yoga Nidra bringing a cleansing breeze to the practice of sensations.  Recorded in a cozy traditional house in the forest of Malayan Borneo

34 min

A Nidra meditating on the body as landscape of sensations, a journey trough energetic spaces of the body and back at the heart.

36 min

32 min

32 min

30 min

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