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Nature does not hurry, yet everything

is accomplished.
- Lao Tzu


Yin Yoga Retreat
Yin Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Contemplation, Sound & Journaling 


in Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal

In this Yin Yoga Retreat in the Algarve, Portugal we settle in between the ocean and the mountain for a contemplation journey. Four days with deep restorative practices, meditation, journaling and sound. Every day we will explore the Yin Yoga practice and its foundations of the 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This retreat creates a space of rest for you to observe and take ownership on your own journey.


Sep 28 - Oct 2


to be in retreat

Wake up with the early birds chirping, here you can breathe the fresh air of the forest and drink the water of the closest mountains. Grab a freshly made morning tea and enjoy the silent morning.  


We meet at the domme, 5 min walk from the rooms - this magical "bubble" will host our Yoga sessions.  We meditate and move together diving into a morning group practice to wake up the body and the breath. We cultivate deep listening with contemplate readings and plant some inspiration for our journaling exercises. 

Guided meditations take place out in nature or inside the domme.

We gather again around the table for our first meal: a gorgeous brunch prepared by our inspiring, food activist chef Olga. Nourish your body and then enjoy some free time. Take a walk, seat with your journal, visit and sweat at the sauna, dip at the pool or simply rest. We are blessed with free time to use.

Late afternoon is time for another group practice. We dive deep with Yin Yoga, where each day we will explore some concepts of this inspiring practices followed by a deep Yin Yoga practice. Some days you will also enjoy Yoga Nidra or Nada Yoga (sound journeys)

As the sun is setting, we meet again around beautiful food for dinner. End the night connecting with others, singing, night time meditations or reading your favorite book.


what is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga a practice of gentle, long permanence postures, usually on the ground. This poses lengthen and stimulate the connective tissue. fascia, muscles, ligaments and joints. On a physical level, it is a practice that promotes mobility, recovery and regeneration.

Yin Yoga was developed on the premisse of stimulating certain group muscles and working on the myofascial meridians, the energetic chanels of the physical body - moving Qi, the vital force to flow and to replenish.

It restores energetic balance and its meditative aspect brings peace and clarity. This deep practice, uses stillness and surrender to cultivate self love, awareness and inner connection.


creating time to go within

In a busy world like the one we live in, on a fast paced lifestyle that we are thought to embrace, it is imperative to stop and to question - where is our attention and energy going? When we feel drained, when we feel tired and disconnected, the answer is to stop and to observe. To let the distractions fall out and to connect to that wisdom that lives inside.


In this Yin Yoga retreat you can expect less noise and less busyness. We want to create that space of awareness through our practices and trough our silence - so we can see the essential and what really matters.


The practices offered will guide you to explore your inner world. Meditation, Yin Yoga, Breathwork, Sound Journey and Journaling walks.  


a day at the retreat

8.00       Tea and Meditation

8:30 - 10:30     Yoga & Movement Practice, pranayama, readings

11:00       Healthy, delicious Brunch with Olga

12:00 – 17:00      Free time :  journaling, readings, walks in nature, pool, sauna

17:00 – 19:00      Yin Yoga theory & practice, Yoga Nidra, or Sound journey

19:00      Healthy, homemade dinner & evening specials

IMG_1916-2 (2)_edited.jpg

the nourishment of food

We are so lucky to have Olga creating, cooking and holding space in this retreat. She is not just a chef, she is a food activist and a creative. Her values are passed to everything that comes to the table, every ingredient is carefully and intentionally selected. Key words: local, seasonal, organic and nourishing. Besides having a great eye and heart for detail, Olga will bring a mindful moment to meal times in a real connection to the big provider: Mother Earth.

see more of Olga's work here




Yin Yoga & Meditation retreat with Cata, Olga and guests

Yoga morning flow, journaling and readings, sound and sauna

yoga retreat pricing per person:

private single room  780 EUR

private double room  600 EUR 

shared triple room  540 EUR



These Yin Yoga retreats take place at Chatô Cherie. Between the ocean and the mountain, away from the crowds in a quiet, secluded location, not far from the typical Portuguese town of Aljezur and from the beautifully wild stretch of coast on the Costa Vicentina.  Chatô Chérie is nested in between the ocean and the mountain, here you can pause and breathe deeper.

See more pictures below.

Chatô Cherie website here    //   Google map location here


the Yin Yoga retreat includes

- 4 nights accommodation on an eco lodge

- access to sauna and pool

- daily morning meditation & pranayama

- daily morning yoga (Hatha/ Vinyasa)

- daily afternoon Yin Yoga/ nidra sessions

- daily introduction to TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and Yin Yoga concepts

- reflexion readings and journaling exercises

- 1 sound journey 

- 1 afternoon at the beach

- guidance & support in your practice & process 

- daily homemade plant-based, local meals: brunch, snacks and dinner with Olga


sign up

send me an email to


include the following information:

- which retreat you'd like to sign up for 

- which accommodation option you prefer

you will receive an email with more information and an invoice for your deposit payment of  250 EUR

- if you need to change your plans, you can cancel your spot up to 6 weeks in advance and have your deposit refunded


past retreats

Every year and every retreat is different. Depending on the group and the location a specific energy is naturally created. What has became a constant is a beautiful time together where each participant also has time to be in their own process. This process is deeply personal. Sometimes it can be as simple as resting time. What I offer are accessible practices to everyone, regardless of level or experience I create an inclusive environment and classes for every (unique) body. See more pictures below.


Yin Yoga Retreat
Yin Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Contemplation, Sound & Journaling 

Sep 28 - Oct 2

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