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re.create retreat

    14 - 17 JULY      ❘       Monchique, Algarve



Sound Bath with Carly Grace   

 Food & hosting by Wild Oasis Algarve




We have the power to change how we live our lives and overcome limiting believes to be the best version of ourselves. How many times do we get stuck in our own patterns? Our subconscious mind and the nervous system play a big role in the way we navigate our lives, so working only from the conscious, rational mind might not be enough when we seek to significantly make a change and create our own reality. 

This retreat incorporates various practices that work trough body, mind and spirit to bring you awareness on how you live and creating space you need to take ownership on your own journey, to live at your full potential.

This is what I'm looking forward to share with you during this retreat on the mystical mountains of Monchique. The movement Yoga practices will connect you with the physical body, a starting point to embody the power of your energy - as we prepare the body to sit with what is here already, to observe and to embrace transformative practices. 


the venue

Wild Oasis Algarve is a charming guesthouse well planted on the Monchique mountains.

It is a rustic, earth conscious project that hosts our retreat and other heart full events. At this piece of land overlooking the nature, the surrounding mountains and the village bellow, we can treat ourselves with a sauna and a natural cooling pool - and the gorgeous dome to give space to our practices.


The food is prepared with love and attention with local, organic ingredients.

Vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by the world flavors to replenish the body & soul.

To honor the importance of food, an invitation for silent conscious breakfast for a delightful mindful eating. 

Open to the energy of the mountains and the nourishment of mother nature will come to us in many forms.

more about wild oasis here 



Morning vinyasa flow    Awaken the body and connect with your energy. 

Morning breath & meditation   Trough breath we find the stillness of the mind. Guided meditation cultivate peace and presence.

Yoga Nidra   Diving into deep relaxation and into lower brainwaves, working with affirmations to plant seeds of love and change.

Thetahealing meditation   Guided practice to promote the change of limiting believes. 

Sound Bath   ' When I’m resonating with a sound, voice I m connecting with the deepest part of me, the most potent, grounded, powerful, infinite. 

SoundHealing-SoundSpacing is a direct gateway to reconnect and remember who we truly are.'  Yoav Soundspacing

Transformational Breath   A guided self healing empowering process, allows release of blockages by accessing the full potential trough the breathing system. Reset. 

Reflection Journaling   Express and observe your emotional processes and create a personal road map. 

Creative Collage   Connecting with the courage of the creative process, making a conscious re creation of your dreams.


The prices include all practices

3 nights accommodation

2 vegetarian meals per day

access to pool and sauna

Dorm tent 4 pax / shared toilet    380 EUR

Shared double room & toilet        420 EUR 

Shared triple room  & toilet          400 EUR 

Solo caravan                                  520 EUR

*Deposit of 50% of the amount, to reserve your spot. If you need to cancel 30 days before the deposit is fully refunded.  Payment details will be sent for bank transfer, Paypal or MB Way 

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