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Since I have started doing what I love, I met so many loving and interesting people on my path.

I was honored to have many yogis sharing mats with me, people who come to sit, to dance, to circle, people who believe in my work. I learn and I teach I give and I receive much.

Heart full thank you to every one of you. 


Liliya Anisimova  

It was a deeply rewarding experience, good for both the body and the soul. The practices at the retreat helped me to re-connect with myself, remember who I really am. I received some beautiful guidance, I could not wish for the better. 

Lara - Jo  

I treasured classes with Catarina, I found them calming and challenging and inspiring and supportive. She has wonderful knowledge, a huge kind heart and made me feel very welcome and not judged and not shy.

Thank you so much, beautiful sister!

Phil Stahl  

Amazing Yoga sessions, very welcoming, and taking care of everyone individually. Sparked my love for Yin Yoga, and introduced me to postures perfect for surfers.

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