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Anxiety is a feeling of unease, related with worrying and fear. Everyone at some point might relate with this sensations in their life. It is the body and mind's way to manifest stress and it reveals itself as unfocused mind, negative emotions, sleeping disorders, increased heart rate, stiff and contracted physical body... 

As humans we experience this sometimes, but we also have the power to overcome it and be more present, grateful and happy in our lives.

In this program you will learn trough guided practices how to cope with anxiety.

I have created a program where I share the tools I have learned trough years of study and practicing and by dealing with anxiety myself.  The program is meant to be a learning process of the tools to manage this feeling and be at your best mindset after the 21 days of practices. You can also have a single session to experiment and be familiar with the benefits.

Foggy Mountains

+  4 guided meditations (audio)
+  2 guided breath sessions (audio)
+  personalized Yoga Nidra audio
+  1:1 session every week

1:1  Online session (90 min)

We meet online every week for 90 min.
An honest sharing and an observation about the practices and how they manage anxiety.
Guided practices / 1:1 session : Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, breath work, meditation, journaling, Thetahealing.

Investment: 220 €



Foggy Mountains

+  1:1  Online session (90 min)

We meet online for 90 min.
An honest sharing and an observation on anxiety and a practice to manage this feeling and to learn to cope with it.
Guided practices / 1:1 session 

Yin Yoga, meditation, breath work, OR
Yoga Nidra, breath work, thetahealing

+  1 guided meditation (audio)

Investment: 70 €


1 to 1 SESSION

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